APRIL 1: Traditional Palm Sunday Fish Luncheon


Dear Fellow Parishioners and Friends of St. John the Baptist:

As every year, so this year we are all invited to participate in the traditional Palm Sunday fish luncheon on April 1st, which will take place in the Church Hall. The donation per person is $20 and reservations should be made through the Church Office. The proceeds will be entirely in support of our Church. Please see attached flyer for additional details.

As the end of Great Lent is approaching and in a short while we shall all be invited to attend the Sacred Services of Holy Week, through which the Church prepares us to celebrate the Feast of Feasts, Holy PASCHA, we enclose herein the Schedule of Services from the Saturday of Lazarus (March 31st) through Easter Sunday (April 8th). We encourage all to come and experience the beauty and the power of these Services which our Parish continues to celebrate since its foundation, thanks to her dedicated Priests, charismatic Cantors, and especially the love of her faithful members.

We are especially pleased to announce that Father Ted Barbas, the Chancellor of the Metropolis of Boston, has blessed us with his presence, undertaking services during the Great Lent period and through the celebration of Pascha.

Finally, we kindly ask you to be generous with your Paschal Donation. With this donation you are helping our church to cover the extra expenses of this period.

With our heartiest wishes to all of you for a blessed Paschal Season. May God bless you during lent. Have a blessed Lenten journey and Holy Week.

Peter Sougarides
Father Theodore Barbas

President, Parish Council Parish Priest

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